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Integrity Association Management Group, LLC

officially took over as our property management company on June 1, 2020!

What You Need To Do:


In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Board has put together requirements and access limitations for ALL neighborhood common areas (pool, tennis, playground, basketball court, open field, etc.), which align with the rules and guidelines from governmental authorities.

1. No SF common areas (incl. pool & tennis) shall be used or accessed by any non-resident, even if with or invited by a SF resident.

2. Tennis courts may only be accessed by one household at a time and must be reserved online ahead of time.

3. The playground and basketball court may be used by only one household at a time.

4. No gatherings of 10+ residents are permitted unless all residents from different households remain at least 6 feet apart.

5. Pool access may be further limited to comply with governing authorities.

Please be aware that all SF homeowners and/or residents are expected to comply with these safety requirements and limitations to ensure our community is protected. Due to the limited area at the pool, please respect your neighbors on their choice to continue social distancing.


We hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this time. Please don't hesitate to reach out to the board with any comments/questions/concerns. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!


Unfortunately, despite multiple requests from neighbors and the board, we continue to receive complaints of loose dogs (off leash in an unfenced area) & dog feces. These actions violate the SF Covenants and cause a nuisance to residents (Covenants, Art. III, Sec. 4 & 8).

Fines will be assessed against any SF resident:

    • Whose dog is off leash in an unfenced area; OR

    • Who doesn’t pick up their dog’s feces outside their property.

The board’s authority to assess fines is provided by the Covenants, Art. IV, Sec. 5.

Reporting Loose Dogs

The board must receive a picture of the unleashed dog or abandoned feces before issuing a fine. Email the picture to board@spencesfield.com. All such pictures/reports will be kept confidential.

Help Keep Our Neighborhood Clean

If debris is in your yard or in front of your house, please regularly pick it up and recycle or throw it out. This includes putting away garbage and recycling bins so they are not visible from the street.

Help us keep our neighborhood clean, safe, and beautiful.

Thank you!

About the Neighborhood

Spence's Field is a small, partially self-managed HOA comprised of 78 executive homes within the city limits of Alpharetta. Residents are within walking distance of downtown Main Street with many restaurants and shops.

Our amenities include:

  • Swimming pool with WIFI (newly resurfaced with mini pebbles in 2014)

  • Lighted tennis courts

  • Playground and basketball practice court

  • Three-acre nature park

Our community is within the attendance zones of the following highly acclaimed public schools:

  • Alpharetta Elementary School with its exceptional special education section

  • Hopewell Middle School in Milton

  • Cambridge High School in Milton

If you're looking for a place to call home, you owe it to yourself to learn more about our warm and welcoming, family-oriented community.

We also pride ourselves of being a green community striving to protect our environment by limiting our use of energy and pesticides.

HOA Membership

All properties are subject to mandatory membership in the Spence's Field Homeowners' Association. If you currently (or are planning to) live in the neighborhood, please be sure to read and fully understand the association's governing documents, including our bylaws and covenants.

Click Here to review the HOA's governing documents

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Spence's Field HOA in Alpharetta, Georgia. We are a green community.

Spence's Field HOA

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